GOATSUCKER (Big Biting Pig Productions)


In my day (I sound old as fuck), we didn’t have the Internet.  We had to peruse our local VHS rental shop and rent movies based on what others had told us or base the potential awesomeness of a movie on the box cover art. There were countless times I was sucked in by a cover only to be let down when I finally popped the movie in to the VCR while the 12:00 flashed over and over.  I’d go back to the store and do it all over again.  Had Goatsucker come out back then, I would have no doubt rented it based on the cover alone.  Nowadays I just click and watch which is exactly what I did when this kick ass, low-budget movie from Big Biting Pig hit my inbox.

Originally release in 2009 and re-released in 2017 with some enhanced sound and color, the movie is a story of a group of folks out on a hiking adventure for a potential viewing of El Chupacabra, which is Spanish for The Goatsucker.  As the adventure progresses into the woods (this was shot in KY) and the characters start to interact, we slowly learn that all may not be as it seems.  What keeps this movie moving and interesting is the way all the characters play off each other.  The bickering old couple, the blond who just happens to be on the tour at the same time as her ex, the nerd, and the annoyed tour guide.  They all time their interactions and it doesn’t feel forced or that the viewer is watching a film.  If you’ve been in public for any amount of time these days, you’ve seen these characters which adds to the intensity of the movie.  You WANT a couple of these folks to die!

One by one each character claims to see or hear The Goatsucker.  And one by one, the characters die off until the final scene where all of the death and destruction tie together. I found myself laughing every time I saw Wayne’s shirt (played by Randy Harvesty) as it read “I”m a Blood Donor…are you?”.  Very clever folks.  Very clever.  The standout for me was the character Rhonda played by Emily Fitzmaurice.  She played the typical dumb blond obsessed with her ex an kept the pace of the movie moving along.  If it wasn’t her ditsy blond moments it was her screaming and running every time she heard a branch break.

The acting isn’t top notch and the is limiting, but If you want to get the guys (or gals) together for a fun Friday night with popcorn and watch an excellent campy horror movie, look no further than Goatsucker (streaming on Amazon).

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