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I really hate the term post-hardcore but we live in a society that tends to crave a label before even giving music a chance.  I long for the day of two labels: good and bad.  For those hellbent on labeling music, you’d most likely put FAtHERS in this category.  But scratch beneath the surface of said label, and you’ll find FAtHERS has a lot more to offer.

FAtHERS call Denver, Colorado home and is made up of Oscar Ross (vocals), Eddie Maestas and Zach Amster (guitars), Mhyk Monroe (bass), and Ryan DeWitt (drums).  They deliver what I consider a new, fresh take on post-hardcore which can be challenging. Where other bands in this genre tend to stay within the boundaries of hardcore, FAtHERS take note of said boundaries and gladly cross the line every chance they get.  Album opener “Brawler” has elements of post-hard core, metal, grind, and even atmospherics a la Isis.  That’s just in the first four minutes!  “No Joke” is a straight up d-beat thrash number and the beginning of “Swamp WItch” is the best riff the Deftones never wrote.  I’m guessing that wasn’t the intent, but you get the idea.  Twists and turns throughout this album make it a unique, post-something album with a punk-type attitude.  What really stands out is the vocal stylings of Oscar.  I’ve listened to the album countless times and every time I think I have an influence pinned down, I’m thrown for a loop.

Colorado has been pumping out the bands the last few years (Khemmis, Blood Incantation, Call of the Void to name a few) and FAtHERS should soon be mentioned in this company.  Where other bands tend to not stray from a label (post-hardcore in this case), FAtHERS veers all over the metal spectrum and challenges the listener to think beyond labels.   I look forward to future output from these guys.  Big things are ahead.

I had the opportunity to interview the band.  Read more below:

Q:  How did the band get their name?
A. Eddie (guitarist) came up with it one hammered night as we were scrolling through a Bible.
Q:  Two other bands I enjoy (Dreadnought and Abrams) are on Sailor Records.  Do you ever gig with those bands in Colorado or beyond?
A. Yes. We’ve played with all the bands on the roster at one time or another in our other bands.  Our new 2nd guitarist, Zach Amster, is the front man for Abrams. And there is a 7th year Sailor Records birthday bash 7/7/18 in Denver where almost all the bands on the label are going to perform.
Q:  How did Oscar develop his unique vocal style?  Any particular influences?
A: Oscar doesn’t really know where his style came from. He does a soft country thing on the side exploring his old school country roots which you can kind of hear in “Fools”. He loves singing Ozzy or Halford (Judas Priest) tunes in the shower.
Q:  What are the bands thoughts on digital vs. physical music distribution?
A: Digital is already the future and the most accessible. Bandcamp is our favorite because it’s geared toward musicians. CD’s are dead. We all love and listen to vinyl – by far the best to our ears. And that’s really what Sailor Records is all about.
Q:  Are there any tour plans w/ the release of the vinyl version of the S/T album?

A: Yes we’re jonesing to hit the road. We have a couple of regional loops we’re booking in late spring. And afterEddie gets done with barber school in August, we’re going to hit the road for longer stints.

Upcoming tour dates:
3/30/18: Denver, CO @ High-Dive



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