HAUNT – Luminous Eyes (Shadow Kingdom)


I don’t really know what role FM radio plays anymore.  With the rise of streaming, downloading, and even outlets like SiriusXM, I’m shocked FM stations even exist.  I turned on my local rock station the other day and it was a stream of Green Day, Foo Fighters, 3 Doors Down, and other trite music.  There seems to be a lack of originality in rock ‘n roll these days and it has become as paint-by-numbers as pop music.  Rock ‘n roll may be dead on the airwaves, but in the underground, it’s alive and well!  Craving catchy hooks, great riffs, and something you can sing with in the car or maybe play air guitar to when the wife isn’t home?  I give you Haunt.

The EP (four songs total) is being released by Shadow Kingdom and they have a gem on their hands with Luminous Eyes.  This is one of the greatest rock records in recent memory.  Haunt is the brainchild of Trevor William Church (song of Montrose bassist Bill Church).  What lies within is short but sweet licks, soaring vocals, and melodies you’ll be humming all day long.  The guitar work on this album is spectacular.  Hints of Scorpions dual guitar harmonies and galloping Iron Maiden tempos are peppered among vocals reminiscent of Ozzy in his prime.

I only have one complaint about Luminous Eyes which is it’s too short.  This has already received countless plays in my house and there will be many more to come.  Pertinent information is below.

Buy at Shadow Kingdom

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