LOYA – Aimovoria (Self-Released)


Everyone once in a while, I am surprised by music.  It’s not so much that there anything coming out the majority of us haven’t heard before, but it’s more in the drive of folks making music.  This brings us to Loya.

Loya is a one-man band based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota.  I know what you’re thinking: cold, winter, snow…must be yet ANOTHER black metal band.  Actually, no.  Loya’s sole member is Nathan Johnson and he worships at the altar of Deftones without being a complete carbon copy.  Lush melodies are woven with heavy guitar (great tone by the way) to create a tug and pull in most of the songs.

The fact that someone alone wrote, recorded, and sang all of these songs is impressive.  I expect bigger things from Loya in the future.  All the information you need is below.

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