EORÐESLAJYR – Haxan (Black Mass)


The forecast today for my current location is predicted to be ice followed by snow and then more ice.  Not the type of weather conducive to much outdoor activity.  Living in this environment can be depressing at times, but luckily I can wallow in darkness indoors with the new release from Eordeslajyr called Haxan.

This release is based off the 1922 Swedish film of the same name.  Play it in conjunction with a YouTube video of the movie and fall deep into the black hold of despair (but in a good way).

eordeslajyr-haxan-artist-picture-700x384Much like OvO’s latest release (see my review here), this is meant to be enjoyed alone, in the dark, by your lonesome.  I see a trend of bands delving into this space and I hope it continues.  Blending bleak, abstract metal with movies breathes life into both mediums.

Here’s everything you need to know:

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