MURDEREDMAN – Murderedman (Aqualamb Records)


Cleveland, OH, known for Lebron James and a baseball team that almost won the World Series this year after a 60+ year drought, is not a place you’d expect to find such a unique, diverse sound.  This is a band clearly influenced by the Birthday  Party and the Jesus Lizard, but scratch beyond the surface, and you’ll find much more at stake here.  Enter Murderedman.

mmpromo_bwMurderedman (John Delzoppo, drums; Ron Kretsch, guitar; Rick Raponi, bass; David Russell, vocals) take what we all loved from the Am-Rep 90’s and slam their own originality all over their new eponymous album.  With vocals reminiscent of Nick Cave in his early years, pulsating rhythms, and catchy single-note guitar lines a lot Arab on Radar, fans of noise-rock will rejoice.  The band plays primarily in the dark with lead singer David Russell holding a light above his head while the band gyrates in a rhythmic motion adds to the force of the music.  You don’t simply listen to Murderedman; you feel them.

mmpromo2All the songs on this LP range from around 2 1/2 minutes to 3 1/2 minutes which is just enough time for the groove of each song to enter your soul.  While all the songs are great, the lead-off track “Pacing a Crime” stands out.  The combination of distressed vocals howls and the pulsating rhythm makes the listener feel as if they’ve committed a horrible crime with the singer.  You feel as if you’re pacing the room with Russell trying to figure out exactly what to do next.  Do we hide the body?  Did it really happen or is this just figment of your imagination?

Fully immerse yourself in Murderedman by buying from the unique Aqualamb Records.  You can order the LP and while you’re at it, order the 100-page art book designed by guitarist Ron Kretsch.  The combination of the art and sounds will take you on a journey to a far off place.  Afterall, isn’t that why we listen to music in the first place?

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