HUSBANDRY – Fera (Aqualamb Records)


A lot of music has come through my inbox over the years.  From starting The Path Less Traveled Records to the beginning stages of a music blog, the sheer amount of music out there is both encouraging and frustrating.  You want everything out there to send a shiver up your spine, but sadly most music just gets deleted.  I tend to listen with an unbiased view of what a band looks like, where they’re from, who they’re influenced by, etc. and just blast a random song to see if something strikes a nerve.

I was randomly looking at music sites when a song called “With Codeine” came on by the band Husbandry.  My mind said, “What was that?” and I jumped to hit repeat.  The song ebbs and flows with ease blending a variety of musical influences from the Pixies to Dillinger Escape Plan and a chorus the Deftones would be jealous they didn’t write themselves..  Ladies and gentlemen I give you a diamond in the rough: Husbandry.

husbandry_phot1_largeThe fact that Fera is their debut and was recorded in less than a week without any doctoring or adjusting for vocal pitches is impressive.  What’s most impressive to me are the vocals of Carina Zachary.  To sing songs this demanding in a short range of time is nothing short of spectacular.  Blast any song on Fera and the vocals alone will have the hairs on the back of your neck standing at attention.

The music itself is reminiscent of Angel Dust-era Faith No More.  There’s lots of experimentation and musical styles at play, but it all gels well together.  You can’t simply slap a label on Husbandry as ‘metal’ or ‘rock’.  This band goes much deeper.

husbandry_photo3_largeAt times the lyrics are hard to decipher, but with song titles like “With Codeine”, “Grab Twist Pull”, and “Hands Up” mixed with passionate and soaring singing, the songs speak in ways simple words cannot.

Given that they’ve recently played with Candiria and Giraffe Tongue Orchestra leads me to believe big things are in the works for this band.  If there were any justice in metal media, this album would be among many a Top 40 of 2016 list.

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