SHRINE OF INSANABILIS – Disciples of the Void (W.T.C. Productions)


I’ve read a lot of press lately stating that 2015 wasn’t a good year for metal.  I think this is attributed to a lot of large acts not putting out albums this year.  In fact, I think 2015 was a GREAT year for metal (especially underground metal if that’s even a thing anymore).  I’ve been impressed all year with the inventiveness and creativity in metal.  For proof, out of nowhere (no one knows the names or country of origin of these fellas) comes the band Shrine of Insanabilis with their debut LP Disciples of the Void.


The intro “End All” is a piece of marching metal mastery.  It’s clocks in shy of a minute, but ironically, gets you ready for the beginning of DOTV.  With the exception of the  “(………..)” (apparently a speech by a pastor) and “Omega” (an instrumental that closes the album), this album is a solid debut.  There’s plenty of choice tremolo picking on all 6 of the songs along with the grunting death metal vocals we all love and enjoy.  The songwriting is also great.  There are plenty of peaks and valleys to keep the listener on edge.

Shrine_of_Insanabilis_1At times it feels as though these riffs have been played before.  The album is almost TOO familiar in it’s style and execution.  However, for a new band, this is to be expected and a very minor complaint about the album as a whole.  Influences such as Tombs, Immortal, and that “Norway” sound.

W.T.C. is handling the duties for the CD release and in 2016, the vinyl will be handled by W.T.C. with the help of the awesome label Fallen Empire in the US.

With time, practice, and more live shows under their belt, they’re sure to be a force to be reckoned with in the future.

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