I admit that I’ve been a ‘musical rut’ lately.  We’re halfway through the year and as I look back, there isn’t a ton of music that has ‘wowed’ me this year.  I look at the stack of CD’s and vinyl I have purchased recently and there’s nothing there that I can’t wait to hear (sadly some of it isn’t even opened yet).  For a music lover, this is the equivalent of full on depression.

Remember the excitement you get when hearing something new out of the blue hits your hears and you get goosebumps (or ‘goosies’ as the tan bimbo on American Idol calls them)?   That happened to me upon hearing the new release from the excellent Space Merchants.

The Space Merchants call Brooklyn home and right out of the gate what this band does best is present a complete package.  Even though I despise the aforementioned television show which seems to preach the package approach non-stop, it’s a good point to make.  People want to know what you’re about (especially in these days of social media).  The song titles fit as well such as “One Cut Like the Moon”, “Where’s the Rest of Life”, and the standout track “Mainline the Sun”.
SM andrew strasser color webThe songs here are a near perfect blend of old country, Pink Floyd, and Black Sabbath.  Hints of country twang weave in and out of these songs flawlessly giving the whole album a rustic feel.  Metal fans heed not as there are plenty of heavy doom-inspired riffs aplenty.  The only drawback is some metal fans may dismiss this band by even seeing the word ‘country’ in the review.  I beg you all to listen!

To top is all off (and going back to that ‘complete package’ reference), there’s no CD or vinyl release planned.  What you can purchase is a book which comes with a download code for the MP3 version of the record from Aqualamb Records which is the icing on the cake for me.  You receive a book filled with art and liner notes (over 100 pages)!  The art was done by Braulio Amado whose work has graced the covers of The New York Times and Bloomberg Business Week.
SM bookNew talent and pure creativity doesn’t come around as often as it should.  The Space Merchants take a wide array of influences and seamlessly blend them into one cohesive unit of creativity.  I found my new favorite band and one of the top 10 releases of the year.

Order: Aqualamb Records
The Space Merchants Facebook

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