MANIAC ON THE LOOSE (Big Biting Pig Productions)


I discovered Big Biting Pig Productions through the awesome Horrorhound Magazine.  I tend to focus on the upcoming movies at the front of the magazine where indie movies are spotlighted.  If memory serves me correctly, it was the movie The Caretakers that caught my eye.  I have yet to feast my eyes on that one, but BBPP suggested I check out Maniac on the Loose (2008).  How this gem escaped the masses is beyond me.  Even at 7 years old this movie had me on the edge of my seat.  While the acting and directing are typical for an indie picture, writer/director/actor Steve Hudgins keeps us guessing until the final act.

When I heard the plot (crazy guy is on the run from an insane asylum), I thought this would be another typical slasher.  The movie starts that way but quickly takes a multitude of spins.

The movie starts with Melissa heading to a house for a blind date with a gentleman she met on the Internet (not very smart, especially in 2008).  She arrives to meet Max (Steve Hudgins) who brings on the creep factor quickly.  He’s the friend of the man she’s there to meet who just happened to step out.  With Max’s creepiness we’re led to believe he’s the ‘maniac’.

Maniac on the Loose

Max is one creepy dude!

What follows is one twist and turn after another.  I lost count after turn ten.  These clever twists and turns is what makes Maniac on the Loose such a fun film to watch.  While the acting isn’t great in spots, the plot more than makes up for it.  Who is the real ‘maniac’?  Is it Max?  Maybe Melissa is really the crazy one (she went to meet at man at his home off the Internet after all).  Maybe it’s one of the many doctors in charge of keeping Max under lock and key?  I won’t spoil the ending, but stick it out to the very end.

The cinematography and music also play an important part in this movie.  Typically indie movies fail in one of these categories but Manic on the Loose delivers top-notch.

Maniac on the Loose 2

Drill baby drill!

Overall this was a fun film to watch.  While some of the acting and camera work left a little to be desired, this film deserves more attention as does the work of Big Biting Pig Productions.  We will be reviewing their new film Lucid in the coming weeks.  Stay tuned and keep it up BBPP!!!

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