HEAVYDEATH – Eternal Sleepwalker (Svart Records)


One need not look further than the band name to understand the type of music this trio spews forth.  Calling Sweden home, these blokes are anything but a carbon copy of old-school Swedish death metal.  Heavydeath play what reminds me of a mix of Triptykon, Electric Wizard, and Coroner.  Heavydeath were well also named one of CVLT Nation’s (metal’s premiere music blog) “Top 6 New Bands You Must Hear Today”.

Listening to this album, you feel as if you’re right in the recording room with the band slowly banging your head along to the beat.  For only being a trio and having one guitar, this album sounds massive!  There were no overdubs performed on this album.  WYHIWYG (What You Hear Is What You Get).  Unlike many of their peers, Heavydeath demands repeated listens. There are riffs throughout this whole album you will find yourself humming to long after you have stopped listening.  This band is by no means ‘new’.   Heavydeath have recorded many demos release digitally and on cassette.  The best of those demos are all here in one massive collection.

heavydeath_promophoto2014_svartrecordsYou will have to wait for the March 6th release date via Svart to hear this debut.  The band themselves tell is like it is:

“We have, just like the previous demo recordings, tried to keep the material straight and ‘primitive’ in the same Heavydeath style. We enjoy creating small details like morbid dis-harmonies and melodies in the riffs, but we have also tried to make it sound a little different than previous recordings. It would be boring if the album sounds exactly like the demo recordings. One thing is, for sure, it sounds heavy as death.”

All the pertinent information to keep up to date with the band and pre-order the album is below.

Heavydeath Bandcamp
Heavydeath Official
Svart Records Pre-Order Vinyl (Black or Grey)
Svart Records Pre-Order (CD)

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