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Everyone has heard of Portal by now.  The band plays dissonant music, the lead singer at times wears a clock on his head, and no one knows the bands real names.  There was a ton of hype around this band which no doubt stems, in part, from their anonymity.  Fair enough.  What about the music?  It’s good at times I personally need to be in a certain mood for it to demand my full attention.
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This brings me to SWARþ (or Swath as I’ve seen them referred to).  I sense a lot of similarities between this band and Portal (tone, anonymity), but SWARþ play songs that are more intense, memorable, and you can listen over and over without feeling exhausted.  Catchy and subtle hooks layered with growling vocals and a touch of singing (is that a man, woman, or demon?) is just how I like my mysterious blackened metal.  Veneficivm is a two-song 7″ EP and worth every penny.  The production on this EP is top-notch.  Crisp and clear which allows the listener to hear all the nuances within these songs.

Who are they?  Where are they from?  No one really knows.  You can try to Google images of the band or even contact them to tell them how solid these songs are, but you will have zero luck tracking them down.

They released a 2-LP set last year (also through Iron Bonehead) called Omines Pestilentiae which I suggest getting your hands on as well.  Hit up Iron Bonehead below.

Iron Bonehead Official
Iron Bonehead Bandcamp

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